General dentistry for all the family

We’re not just about cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers. We take care of all other treatments too.  We provide outstanding general dentistry service and our extremely friendly and professional approach will let have an enjoyable and comfortable visit.

Routine check-ups

checksWe recommend visiting the dentist every nine months to ensure our patients are maintaining good oral health, we believe problems caught early on can often be treated much easier than those that are allowed to develop. During our routine check-ups, we’ll scan your mouth for any issues and come up with a personal treatment plan for any work that needs doing.



xrayShow your teeth you care by preventive dentistry, come and see our kind, experienced hygienist to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy




fillingsFor our fillings, we offer the traditional amalgam (metal) or gold fillings, tooth-coloured composite fillings, or the latest ceramic fillings. Each have different properties and uses and fall in different price brackets. We’ll always discuss every option with you to come to the best solution.



extractionBrunswick Road Dental Practice team know that our patients do not like extractions but we try to make you comfortable as possible, so your extractions needn’t be feared!